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Hong Kong Skyline

Works with the latest version of Blogger!


Wayne said...

Hi, Aman! Nice template about HK, I love it!
I got the code from your link, but am not sure how to use it. Could you enlight me on that a little? I am a green hand... Thanks a lot!

LittleL said...

nice... very nice.

Muzzzo said...

Dear Aman,
I like the idea of this template a lot, but I would like to place a different picture on the header and I would like the background to be blue instead of black.
Can you tell me how to do it?
Thanks & best regards,

Mrs. Dr. Dave said...

Hi Aman - I would like to know how to change the color and size of the blog title on this template. Can you help me out?


Jeanie。the youngest daughter said...

Hilo Aman, thanks for the template but i'm not sure how to use it and how to change the picture? can you help me thanks!

Johnny Stash said...

Aman--Love the template. I downloaded and tried to customize. Now Im having a problem with the text on my blog postings. It continues on infinately without moving to the next line down..and pushes my sidebar down below all posts. I fear I may have deleted some important code. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks. said...

nice templates, I hope I will be able to use them on my site. We also stop foreclosure,