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Works with the latest version of Blogger!


Eternity said...

*big grin*
thank you!!! just what i've been waiting for!!!
*can't stop grinning*

btw, do you have any cute buttons like your strawberry ones to go with this too?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this template! I am going to use it!

Tynna said...

I'm using it looks so cool..

AKS said...

Thank you so much. I just so totally love this

Sofia said...

I can't download it.. what's wrong?

Liz said...

I'm not usually the cutesy tootsie kind, but I really like this. Good job.

I tried it here

SaoAlvesC said...

I've downloaded your template, and am using it although with some major changes. In fact, there's no cat and no paws anymore ehehe, hope you don't mind the mess i've made with it!
If you'd like to see it, it's here:

Credits for your excelent work are there of course, because i've just changed the size of main blog body sidebar, and the images are simply boxes :) to match the name of my blog.

Thank you so much, and hope you don't mind what I did. If you do, please tell me and I'll look for another solution to my template.

Lumina said...

The cutest template, ever! I love it and will use it! Do I have to use photobucket?

itsme said...

Wow that is sooo pretty and cuuute. I'll try that one.

Anonymous said...

Hola, baje tu diseño y lo pude colocar en mi blog sin ningún problema, gracias!

SpillToJill said...

I there - i love this template and have been using it for some time...but in IE notice my profile and sidebar stuff is all the wya down - any ideas?? I did move the kitty pic around - maybe thats why?

Raquel said...

hi i love this template, i´d like to use en my blog, congratulation this blog is very important for me.

reichkun said...

hey i got a hope you wont mind me bothering you. i downloaded the template and posted in my blog. unfortunately there is this gray area that covers the background pic. help! i send the file to your email and also uploaded in this site: [link]

Evonne and Darren said...

Can anyone help me? I downloaded the file, uploaded all the images (kitty and paw prints) but I can't find the template script file. Plus I am using a Mac PowerBook and don't think I have the Note Pad. So how do I complete the process?

Thanks so much!

Evonne and Darren said...

The only text file (cat.txt) that came with this template was this:

posted by <$BlogItemAuthorNickname$> @ <$BlogItemDateTime$>
<$BlogItemCommentFormOnclick$>>Comments: <$BlogItemCommentCount$>
Previous Posts
• <$BlogPreviousItemTitle$>
• <$BlogArchiveName$>
• Current Posts

Blog Design By: BlogSpot Templates

It seems like it's missing a lot of stuff. What am I missing?

Lori said...


I just downloaded and installed the cat template. Thank you soo much! It is soooo me! You can see it at

Question - I am an HTML idiot, so you may not be able to explain this to me so that I can understand it, but how can I add links to my favorite places in the side bar? And daily quotes such as the ones from

Many thanks for you help, and thank you again for all of your wonderful templates!

Blackpool Hotels said...
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Andrew Dillon said...

Thank you for your amazing templates.

Suresh Raj Bhattarai said...

I downloaded this template and used it. It was Fantastic!!!.


Jean9 said...

It doensn't work on my blog..aww.. It said that it had some errors..

Rachel Johnsons Blog said...

this is the cutes template ever

JAMES BLOG said...

hey i downloaded it buy do i paste it or sofor

Yvonne said...

this is cute.. i'm gonna try this one